Netflix makes a splash at CES 2014, without a booth

Netflix has had has a great last couple years. They’ve built up their original content catalog with titles such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and a new season of Arrested Development.

Netflix 4K streaming was promoted at several different conferences at CES this year. CEO Reed Hastings wanted to assure attendees, and those of us at home, that Netflix will have an abundance of “Ultra HD” content for our new $999 Vizio 4K TVs.

What’s the big deal with 4K? Check out this post, What is 4K, should I care? to get a quick breakdown.

Netflix will produce all original shows in 4K (along with Amazon).

So, what kind of internet connection will you need to take advantage of Netflix’s “Ultra HD” streaming? 15mbps seems to be the recommended amount, though CEO Reed Hastings did say that they will work to make it viable on connections at lower speeds.

With the introduction of Vizio’s 4K TV line, starting at $999, 2014 may not be the year that 4K takes over the world, but it should definitely get off to a nice start.

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