Vizio reveals 4K TVs starting at $999

Vizio made an impressive showing at CES this year. They have always been a brand associated with quality as well as low prices, and that reputation has lead them to become market leaders in the HDTV business.

They are taking the next step by announcing their line of 4K TVs (read What is 4K, should I care? for information on 4K), their P-series, starting at just $999. This makes for an impressive price advantage over competitors like Sony, Samsung and LG.

Sizes will range from 50 to 70 inches.

Vizio is also coming out with a high end line of TVs, their Reference Series. These will have the best panels that the company has to offer, but they will come with a premium price.

There is one feature that the 2014 line of Vizio TVs lack, however, and that is 3D support. Vizio has decided to remove 3D from its line of TVs due to perceived customer demand. Instead, the focus will be on getting the best picture it can from its panels.


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