moto g google play edition

Google announces Moto G “Google Play Edition”

Today Google has added another device to their web store. The Moto G Google Play Edition.

The Moto G was released not long ago and has received praise for its budget price and great performance. It features a quad-core processor, 8 or 16GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and fully unlocked. It lacks 4G mobile data connection, but will run on HSPA+ 21mbps for AT&T or T-Mobile.

The 8GB model sells for $179, but you can double the storage to 16GB for only $20 more.


The Moto G is arguably the best phone that can be purchased for under $200 without a contract. It features a similar shape as the Moto X, though it is not quite as slim and “Moto Maker”, the process that allows you to customize the colors and materials of the Moto X, is not available for the Moto G. As a consolation, interchangeable back plates are available, so you can still make it somewhat your own.

The addition of the Moto G to Google’s web store makes it the cheapest phone available from Google. They now covers a price range of $179 – $650 for phones. This is a great lineup for retail stores, if Google ever gets around to launching them (whether on their own, or within existing stores such as Best Buy).


The Moto G didn’t have much in the way of customizations, though it did have some additions from Motorola. The Google Play Edition will nix those, providing a pure “Google Android Experience”. While update speeds were not a huge concern with Motorola lately, it can be assumed that the Google Play Edition Moto G will receive Android updates quicker than the Motorola version.

It’s nice to see that Google is committed to providing stock Android experience on several devices aside from its own Nexus line.

If you are looking to get a very good performing phone for not much cash, the Moto G is an excellent choice.


Source: Google Play 


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