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Amazon plans to ship packages to you before you even order them

Amazon is always looking for new, innovative ways to get the things you order to you faster, easier and now—before you even know you want them?

Forget drones and their quick, same-day delivery potential, Amazon is going to send you what you want before you even order it!

Ok, it’s not quite as dramatic as that.

Amazon filed for and was granted a patent that they call “Anticipatory shipping”. The technique breaks down to something like this: Amazon has data about your browsing habits on their website—Amazon uses that data to anticipate the items that you, or people in your area, are likely to purchase—Amazon “pre-ships” those items to your area, to be held in either local hubs or even on trucks where the packages will wait for your order and then be delivered to you.

Amazon says that delays between ordering and purchasing are one of the biggest reasons that customers choose not to order online. This service would cut down on that delay.

It’s definitely an ambitious idea. There is no telling when something like this will be put into effect; a granted patent doesn’t always lead to an implemented service. But Amazon has shown that they know their customers well and are definitely one of the top companies when it comes to customer service, so we just might see something like this getting our packages to us sooner in the near future.


Original Source: The Wall Street Journal

Patent: USPTO

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