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Motorola offers more wood backs for the Moto X on MotoMaker, lowers price

Motorola went a new direction late last year with the release of their latest flagship, the Moto X. They offered a service, called MotoMaker, that would allow you to customize the phone with a variety of color options for the back plate, buttons, and either a white or black front. The phone was then built, just for you, and shipped out to your home.

One of the most exciting announcements was that Motorola would offer the option of wooden backs, something that has, for the most part, never been seen from a mobile phone manufacturer. Unfortunately, the wood options were not available at launch.

A few months after the launch of the Moto X in the United States, the wood option was finally available—for $100. That has changed now. The wood option is now only an additional $25 when compared to the plastic options.

Currently, only bamboo is available (pictured below). Three other options are on the horizon though: Ebony, Teak and Walnut.



The Moto X is still a fantastic Android phone, and while there are newer phones out now that have better internal specifications, anyone who is looking for a great performing phone with good battery life and nice, useful features, should not feel hesitant about purchasing it.

If you want to stand out by having a phone with a natural wood back plate, the Moto X is just about your only option, but it’s also a great device.


Source: Motorola

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