Memory Trace (Android App)

Memory Trace:

Feature Graphic

Exercise your brain and earn Google Play Games Achievements with this easy to pick-up memory game.

A line that needs to be traced will appear for a few seconds. Once this line disappears, try to trace it from memory.

Google Play Games Achievements – Keep track of your progress and compare achievements with friends!

The Options Menu allows you to change the delay of when the line disappears. Older devices may need to raise this delay to compensate for loading time. You can also change background tile colors and show or hide a line that draws where you drag your finger.

Backup progress – The Options Menu has an option to backup and restore your game progress. This allows you to start from where you left off if moving to a new device or after resetting your current device. This comes in handy if you decide to move from this version to the paid, ad-free version.

This free version has all the features and levels of the paid version, the only difference is that it is supported by ads.

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