Sling TV – This is what we’ve been asking for

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Back at the start of January this year, Dish announced a new product—Sling TV. Their aim was to give cord cutters (or would-be cord cutters) an option to have live TV channels without having to subscribe to a traditional TV package through their cable or satellite provider.

To get the main feeling of this article out of the way right at the start, let me just say that Sling TV is a very good first foray into internet live TV. There are downsides, which I will go into detail about below.

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CenturyLink Gigabit Internet Review (updated)

Google brought the concept of a consumer gigabit connection to the public’s attention when they announced (in 2011) and subsequently released their gigabit internet and TV service in Kansas City in late 2012.

Google’s goal seemed to be to “shame” other internet service providers (ISPs) into better service by showing that it can be done, or at least making consumers aware that it could be done, which would hopefully lead to those consumers putting pressure on other ISPs nationwide.

The effect on ISPs that were located where Google announced they would be offering gigabit service was visible. Connection speeds increased (though no where near what Google could offer) and promises were made that faster service would be available from companies besides Google. But has it had any effect on the rest of the nation?

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